A short guide to negotiate, communicating better

Do you want to negotiate better? Understand how people react when negotiating?


This is not a sales technique book, it is a book written by someone who was and always will be a saleswoman and who, above all, understands that negotiating goes far beyond the profession in which you work.


Negotiating is about people and Tatiana Botta teaches us that, every time we negotiate we do it with, for, and trough people.


If you want to learn how to do it better in any aspect of your life and, above all, learn to do it in a humane and empathetic way, you should read this book.

People sell to people is a light, a book about real life, in which Tatiana shares with us her stumbles and achievements in her wonderful journey as a salesperson.


The book is available in Portuguese and English. To buy in the U.S. and Brazil consult the main menu to choose your option.

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