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After having worked in the sales field for more than 20 years', I chose to train and coach as my new passion in 2013, seeking to transfer knowledge and encourage others to develop their skills.

All my experience was in a corporate environment, and I experienced all sides:

- in sales, I have learned how to pursue aggressive goals in a fast-paced environment, and I developed my capability for managing talents
- as a coach, I have discovered how to listen and empathize
- as a conflict mediator, I learned how to communicate with different profiles
- as a trainer, I got the best experience with different cultures and points of view
- as a consultant, I worked continually networking and managing events
- as a business owner, I developed the business partner skills on areas as finance, marketing, strategy, and more

My beliefs? Ethics and discipline. I am also a highly motivated person, working with many volunteer projects within my community.

Graduated in Marketing and Sales | Bachelor in Business with Human Resources Management Specialization | Author of the book" People Sell to People" - a short guide to negotiating and communicating better | Co-author of the book "Coaching - developing people and speeding results."
COACH A - The Certified Coach in Japan -| ICF Member | NLP Practitioner | 360 CCL | Everything DiSC and Insights acc 

Tatiana is one of the best professionals I have ever met and I am pleased to work together. For several times I entrusted my company representation to her, and still do. In terms of commitment and delivery, she has always been an example, both in the classroom and individually. I highly recommend your irredeemable work!

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