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People sell to people

Born in Brazil, currently living in the United States, Tatiana is a real person. All her life acting directly with clients and negotiations; she is a practitioner of
what she preaches. The theory came later, enhancing field experience. Just like you, curious to communicate better and then, negotiate better, Tatiana experienced all sides of the table. She acted as an account manager, sales manager, consultant, and conflict mediator. With a sales degree, DISC behavioral analysis, Insights, neurolinguistics, hypnosis and 360-degree assessments, today she is active in training, coaching, and mentoring sales professionals who are interested in learning the art of negotiation. As a Coach and Mentor, she has worked with executives and salespeople around the world, such as Japan, China, the United States, India, Mexico, and Brazil, learning every day that, regardless of where we came from or where we live, people sell to people.

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International Coach

Having worked in the sales field for more than 20 years, I chose to coach as my new passion in 2013, starting acting as Coach and a Trainer, seeking to transfer knowledge and encourage other adults to do more what they love.

I am a well-rounded professional with a knack for turning words into actions. Passionate about working with individuals and teams of all backgrounds to set essential goals, I strive to design strategies that deliver beyond expectations. I have a talent for finding timely, cost-effective solutions to complex problems in fast-paced environments. 

All my experience was in a corporate environment, and I experienced all sides: in sales, I have learned how to negotiate and ask questions, and I developed my capability to managing talents, as a Coach I have discovered how to listen and empathize, as a mediator how to communicate with different profiles, and as a trainer I got the best experience with different cultures and points of view.

With more than 1600 hours of coaching, I am particularly skilled in helping people finding and applying their talents, and I have worked with different companies helping to connect it all. I have coached professionals from Asia, South and North America, and Europe.

Talking about selling, I am prepared to handle it, not just because I have trained more than 900 people, but also because I am a practitioner of what I preach.

My beliefs? Ethic and discipline. I am also a highly motivated person, working with many volunteer projects within my community.



People Sell to People - a short guide to negotiating and communicating better

Do you want to be better at negotiating? To understand how people work, how you work, and how you can make everything work together?

This is not a book of sales techniques, it is a book written by someone who has been, and will always be a salesperson and who, above all, likes people and wants to share with you how this can help you be better and reach your goals.

People sell to people, and we don’t always realize that. Usually, we look at the client or those we’re going to negotiate with as an LLC—as a company—and we don’t realize that, just like us, he or she is seeking to achieve their personal and professional goals in life.

How then can you get better at understanding what’s going on in their minds? What do you need to know to understand their wants and needs and at the same time satisfy your wants and needs?

Negotiating is a dance. I always say that in my training sessions. If we’re not able to get into the other's rhythm, to understand the balance of other bodies and then combine it with our own, we’ll never dance together. We’ll actually be stepping on our partners’ feet and doing a rhythmless dance—with a huge desire never to repeat the experience.

Just as anyone can learn to dance, anyone can learn to negotiate. You just have to have a genuine interest to start from somewhere.

Start reading this book right away. I’m sure if you don’t, then a year from now you’ll be sorry you didn’t start today.

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Paperback for United States and Kindle Editions

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Paperback for United States and Kindle Editions

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Kindle edition for Brazil

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